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November 11, 2012 / glennlim thots

My very first post…

Yes, after much musing on whether to do this (start, or rather, re-start, a blog after ALL these years), I’m glad to announce – head’s decided…heart’s ready…hand’s postured…

I reflected on the purposes by which I’m motivated to do this. Well, I think I have 4 reasons…

1) Hone my writing skills – I do write, just not that frequent anymore. And not as consistent. Ever since I graduated I think I kinda lost the discipline, and the art. I realise I’m not as ‘eloquent’ with my thinking processes as before. And I know journaling has a way of sewing your thot-life into beautiful pieces of languid fabric. I hope to re-cultivate this writing habit of mine again in blog-form!

2) Consolidate my thots on one single platform – Prior to this most of my thots have been sporadically articulated on different platforms: phone, facebk, scrap-pads, post-its…I hope to organise all my thots into a more streamlined ‘filing’ system of sorts right here!

3) Create an entrepreneurial model – Afterall, social media seems to be the most enterprising risk-free start-up today. Marry this platform with an intellectual-property based business of mine, and who knows?…I hope to develop my next business model out of this venture!

…and lastly, most importantly…

4) Extend my personal mission – of influencing more people thru increasing readership, and God-willing, fan-ship and friendships! It has been, and is, and will be, my life goal to be a positive influence to as many people as possible. I hope to achieve this through a target readership of 100 reads per day in 6mths time!

I, Glenn Lim, hereby do solemnly abide to fulfill the above 4 grand purposes of this blog whenever I so do commence any form of writing hencewith on this said platform…so help me God!


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