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November 28, 2012 / glennlim thots

LIFE PURPOSE 2 – A drug-induced generation

An addict’s behaviour is controlled by the pleasure circuit in his brain, which acts like a reward centre. Each time he satisfies his psychological craving he is rewarded with feelings of euphoria and ‘happiness’. These feelings are fleeting, and will wean off until his brain triggers the need for the next stimulation.

In a way, human happiness, if pursued wrongly, leads us to develop such short-term pleasure seeking patterns. We go for the temporal, immediate gratification, to relive us of our pain, boredom, or curiosity. And no sooner have we gotten our fix when the next craving begins. We enslave ourselves to the whims of our pleasure / thrill-seeking patterns…we actually become Addicts!

Sure, it’s ok to celebrate with a bubbly, watch a face-paced adventure for that adrenalin-rush, indulge in rich chocolate and other delectable ‘highs’. But these pursuits should only be the icing to the real cake of authentic happiness, which we understand as the ‘MEANINGFUL LIFE’ (I wrote about this in the last article).

BTW, most post-trip hangovers are ‘bad’, they are not satisfying. So we try to re-compensate it by getting our next high. And this cycle will go on and on in trying to meet our momentary temporal needs, with total disregard of long-term ‘happiness’.

Today instead of just searching for temporal highs that only feed us for the moment, let’s learn to attain to the highest order of Happiness – real authentic and meaningful happiness that is lasting…Find your life purpose today!

Stay tuned!…Glenn Lim


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