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November 30, 2012 / glennlim thots

CREATIVITY – the spirit of entrepreneurship


One of the key ingredients to every successful enterprise, especially at the start-up phase, is INNOVATION. And many potential entrepreneurs allow this aspect to be a stumbling block to their start-ups. “I don’t have any idea” becomes a convenient excuse.

How does one create creativity?

Well,  actually, we all have ideas all the time. But not many of us will announce them because we imagine that other people will think we are silly or not like our idea or have a better idea. Here are 3 quick ways to overcome this perceived problem of lack of ideas:


1)    Change your THOUGHTS

You are what you think. If you think you are a grasshopper, you are one. You don’t have to be specially talented to be have ideas. Did you know that:

  • Kodak film chrome was developed by a musician?
  • Ballpoint pen was invented by a sculptor?
  • The auto-telephone was developed by an undertaker?!
  • The parking meter was invented by a journalist?
  • The Wright brothers were bicycle mechanics, not aeronautical engineers

Stephen Covey said that everything in life are created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. That accounts for why Leonardo da Vinci is the greatest all time inventor and painter. He first sees things in his mind and then he draws and create them. In his life time, he has conceived and sketched a helicopter, parachute, military tank, paddle-powered boat, diving snorkel, innovative clock, etc That was in the 1400s and early 1500s!!

Ideas – it begins with your thoughts. Begin to see yourself as someone creative and you will soon be one!


2)    Change your TALK

  • “It cannot be done”
  • “Nobody will like that idea”
  • “I have tried that before”
  • “People will laugh at me”

All these statements are idea stoppers and dream killers.

  • Instead of it’s impossible, say wouldn’t it be nice if this can be done.
  • Instead of that’s a stupid idea, say that’s an interesting ideas, how can we build on that?.
  • Instead of it’s good enough, say how could we improve further?.
  • Instead of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; ask why have we always done it like that?

A German pastor once criticised the innovation of eating with a fork, saying God would not have given us fingers if He wanted us to use such a diabolical instrument. No wonder his hands were burnt! You don’t have to be like that pastor.

Words are powerful. It has the power to create or to destroy. Say something creative today. Change your language and it will change you!


3)    Change your TASKS (Actions)

How many of us take a different route to work or to go home every day or at least 3 times a week? 98% of us take the same route whether going to work or going home or school almost 365 days a year?

Someone once said that if you are always doing things the same way, you are not thinking. In other word, you don’t need a brain to go on autopilot! Albert Einstein said that no one should expect a different result if they do the same thing over and over. Creativity begins with change.

I was told that the greatest place to be creative was while you are in the toilet! Remember Archimedes rushed out of the bathroom shouting Eureka! Eureka!

I am not about to suggest that you rush out of the toilet naked for a change! But I do suggest that you start the journey to having more creative ideas by doing something different. Try these new ways:

  • Take a different route home.
  • Walk up a different staircase.
  • Stop at a different floor when taking a lift.
  • If you are right-handed, write with your left hand.
  • Read with one eye closed
  • And not forgetting to do something different in the toilet tonight!

Sure it’s going to feel awkward and silly at first, even uncomfortable. But keep doing different things in different ways; you will see the world differently. Soon you’ll have fresh revelation, cool ideas and new insights downloading into your mind!

Happy Creating!…Glenn Lim



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  1. Soozie Bea / Nov 30 2012 9:53 am

    Reblogged this on enchanting leadership and commented:
    Innovation is so important.

    It would be good for corporations to be able to embrace the entrepreneur rather then leave them to start their own consulting or their own businesses. Or is that too much to ask of corporate culture to change?

  2. glennlim thots / Dec 3 2012 2:05 pm

    Thanks for ur comment! I totally agree!…
    However I sometimes think the drive that pushes entrepreneurs to innovate may be the obstacles we try to remove for them. When we entrepreneurs are left on our own without help, we are forced to think out of the box, become resourceful, look (desperately) for solutions…and in the process, grow ourselves in ways that classrooms are unable to teach us. We learn in the School of Hard Knocks!
    I’ve seen businesses start up with huge backing and funding, the owners became lax, complacent and lost their hunger because there were no problems to solve!
    So yeah, it may be a good idea to ‘leave them on their own’ to wrestle and become strong through that process…!

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