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December 3, 2012 / glennlim thots

“Turning my public speaking passion into $”

NOTE: This blog post was first written in Dec 2012


My name is Glenn Lim. My core business is public speaking & training.

Why speaking? It is my passion, derived from my calling of influencing others positively. Speaking is but a channel, a vehicle, a means of fulfilling my purpose. Others may sell, design or build. I speak to change lives.

So I take this vision of mine, and think of ways to turn it into a sustainable business. I need to, if I want to see me do what I love. It has been nearly 8 yrs since.

I started with a modest goal. Back then, I thought I would be happy if I get paid $3k per engagement. Afterall that would be a far cry from my $300 ‘love gift’ I was used to getting. But I’m now a professional speaker. I needed to have a baseline marker. $3k seemed reasonable. Over the next few mths/yrs, that figure fluctuated – sometimes more, most times less. I told myself, if I wanted to be paid professionally, I had to find ways to improve myself, my content, my delivery. I had to re-strategise my marketing approaches, I had to look for ways to add Value to myself, and to my clients.

Then, I re-set my goal again – I told myself I would not take up any engagement that paid me below $3k. I had to burn some bridges. I slayed a few sacred cows. I put up with accusations about how I was now motivated by money. These were challenging days. But I was starting to see breakthrough and results.

In 2011, I surpassed that $3k marker. I clinched a speaking engagement that paid me $3,800 for a half-hr session! This was a huge first for me! Despite the elation, I knew I could not afford to be complacent. I kept reviewing my engagements. I was hard on myself, critiquing every aspect that I could improve on. I made the changes, recrafted my content, rehearsed my delivery etc. And then I set a new target of $5k per session.

And then, I outdid myself again early this year (Mar 2012)! I secured a local engagement for $7k per hour session! And then, the overseas invitations started coming in…

My next target? $10k.

I write this article not to boast. I’m just humbly stating the importance of channeling all your Conviction into your Commitment! I’ve provided the below 6 steps of turning your passion into profit, based on my own experiences…

  1. First, u need a compelling Vision & deep Passion
  2. Set clear Goals
  3. Strategise & Plan
  4. Take decisive Action – Make no mistake, u will most likely get undesirable results when u act. That’s when u need to…
  5. Re-strategise & take action again & again & again, until u get it right, or better!
  6. Resilience – Keep your spirit up, because u will get discouraged & tired…that’s why u need to get back to step (1) your Vision & Passion, to keep u going!…Don’t give up!

I invite you to join me in my next Seminar on how to start / build your Speaking Career. CLICK HERE!




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  1. Lynda / Dec 3 2012 11:09 am

    Would love to have a mentor such as yourself. I need someone to push me to get out there and do it! (and to do it for the fee I know I deserve!)

    • glennlim thots / Dec 4 2012 4:58 am

      I’m sure you can!…To be honest, I started out searching for mentors for myself (which is always a good idea to have becos they shorten our learning curve!). But it took so long to find one, and I was already getting busy with my work…then I realised if I couldn’t get Mentored, I could Model them! So I started looking out for effective Models for myself. I studied their businesses, observed their patterns, and gleaned their principles…they work just as well!

  2. Soozie Bea / Dec 4 2012 2:43 am

    Reblogged this on enchanting leadership and commented:
    Educating others on your passion sounds like a dream job!

    Looking around for opportunities to speak, and volunteering to speak at conferences etc. will help your self confidence, AND get you in touch with your market.

    I highly recommend it!

    • glennlim thots / Dec 4 2012 4:57 am

      Exactly! one needs to constantly hunt for opportunities to self-improve. Those breaks don’t come to you by chance…we’ve got to find them. “Seek and you shall find”!

      thanks Soozie for your comments!

  3. Eunice g / Dec 11 2012 2:51 pm

    Good to hear you’re doing well, uncle lim.

    • glennlim thots / Dec 15 2012 12:46 am

      hello, are u the eunice goh frm cefc????

      • Eunice g / Dec 17 2012 1:50 pm

        Haha yeah!

      • glennlim thots / Dec 19 2012 9:50 am

        how r u??? gimme your contact number? I have lost it together with my phone!

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