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December 15, 2012 / glennlim thots

BUSINESS – “Out-teach instead of Out-reach!”


Many businesses think the best way to get an edge over their competitors is to out-reach them thru persuasive salesmanship. Sometimes it looks like aggressive marketing evangelism! They spend $ on marketing ads & branding exercises; They brag about their products & services and try to out-appeal their peers; They treat every potential audience as a customer (first), and try to ‘convert’ them by focusing on selling and servicing. They try to build customer-base, and forget that they are audiences…first…

Building an audience-base is far more important than building a customer-base…

And the way to grow audiences is to give them something of Value for their time. When I go for a seminar or talk, I want to learn something, gain some new knowledge, take away something,…It’s the same for a business audience.

How do we build audiences for our businesses? – Out-teach your competition! Everyone is focused on selling or servicing. Very few care about teaching. Great startups apportion time to teaching and educating their audience-base…Examples:

  • Etsy – an online shopping store for things handmade holds entrepreneurial workshops that explain best practices and promotional ideas.
  • Wine Library TV – Gary Vaynerchuck has built a sizeable wine business by teaching people about wine through his blogs, youtube etc.
  • McKinsey routinely share their latest findings with CEOs through E-newsletters. They openly share their methodology and often even publish their code.
  • A local health-supplement business never fails to give viewers health tips through its online & TV commercials, a fresh approach to the hard-sell sales tactics others usually squeeze into their 30sec air-time…
  • And Virgin Mobile is in a class of its own when it comes to innovative marketing strategy (would we expect anything less from Branson?!). In their recent campaign, they out-teach their competitors by helping readers discover more about themselves (subject on retraining our brains), and cleverly link that to create awareness of current mobile user trends. They then persuade readers to retrain or reframe the way they view mobile usage by  switching to Virgin Mobile. Here’s the ad – Virgin Mobile’s “Retrain your Brain” marketing ad

So, build your audience through educating them. They become your greatest word-of-mouthers, and spread your ideas, and name, thru social media. Remember to out-teach your competitors instead of out-marketing or out-reaching them!

Glenn Lim



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  1. Greg C. Brown / Dec 15 2012 6:25 am

    Nice article! Thanks.


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