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January 22, 2013 / glennlim thots

Quick Gems – “Low-Cost Cuture”


What is your company’s culture viewed from a consumer-oriented perspective?…If you claim to give customers the best value for money, with promises to keep unnecessary overheads low and offer at lowest costs, then how is your culture reflecting that?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of, first started out his business based on the principle – to deliver the best product at the lowest cost. Somehow, he needed to ingrain this ‘lowest-cost’ idea into Amazon’s culture. He did so by ordering all office desks to be built of cheap doors from The Home Depot with legs nailed to them. These ‘door desks’ are not comfortable and don’t fit with’s $100+ billion market capitalization. But when shocked new employees ask why, they consistently hear – “Amazon looks for every opportunity to save so that it can deliver the best products for the lowest cost.”

Similarly, the CEO of IKEA refuses to stay at 5-star hotels when travelling. Instead, he spends the night on display beds in the nearest IKEA showroom in that city!

By self-implementing this ‘low-cost’ culture into their companies’ DNA, all staff, right from the top, live out their values and promises with a consistent message that says: ”We are committed to give our best”.

How will you propagate your company culture today?…Glenn Lim


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