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February 6, 2013 / glennlim thots

Developing Self-Awareness with Reflective Tools


Here are some helpful Reflective Tools I have been using over the years to create self-awareness:

  1. Keep a Journal: It can be a personal diary or online blog. The important thing is to create a routine of daily (or weekly) journaling of your thoughts, experience and ideas. You’ll be surprised at how much self-awareness this tool creates for you.
  2. Mirror-time: I’ve found that spending some time in front of the mirror everyday, just staring at myself for 10mins uninterrupted, helps examine myself from a different position. This can also be achieved through quiet time or meditation for undistracted self-reflection.Take this time to empty your concerns, take deep relaxing breaths, centre yourself and be aware of your body and its sensations.
  3. Post-event Reflections: Always make it a point, and habit, to make time to reflect after each significant event (like a camp, conference or workshop you attended, or an activity you were directly involved in, or even a challenging time at work). You can recall & review your events using reflective questions to evaluate aspects where you did things well, and where you could have improved. This tool, when regularly used, will increase your problem-solving skills.

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