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May 5, 2013 / glennlim thots

HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!!! Let’s learn something from Star Wars today!

MAY THE FOURTH be with you!…And on that note, I’d like to share a Star War’s quote made by C3PO in the original 1977 release. This quote was made to R2D2 who was playing a holographic game with Chewbacca.

“I suggest a new strategy, R2: Let the wookiee win.”

This suggestion was directed to R2D2 when Han Solo advised C3PO not to make Chewy (the wookie) angry, who may very well rip the droids to pieces if he lost the game to R2.


…it may seem like a trivial quote, but what a great reminder to us all when we face challenging circumstances or stuck situations. It reminds us of the need to RE-STRATEGIZE on the fly!

Most people in similarly difficult situations might think: “I have to stick with the plan & hope for the best!”, or “I’ve got to preserve till I get it done”, or “I shouldn’t give up, just keep trying again”…and they end up Re-Trying and Re-Doing the same sequence again, getting the same results again and again! This is because the same actions = the same results…UNLESS a new plan is created.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results” (Albert Einstein)

The key is not in Re-Doing, but in Re-Strategizing. As C3PO rightly says, let’s try a new strategy, a new way of looking and doing things differently, to avoid getting the same undesirable results. This is the heart of all problem-solving processes. In Design Thinking theory, users are encouraged to challenge conventional ‘wisdom’ by introducing a problem. This expedites innovative thinking as users are forced to generate new ideas and find solutions to solve the issues. They then develop test-models from the ideas, in a phase called Rapid Prototyping. Within a short thinking space, new strategies are formed and implemented, and new results achieved.

Have you been stuck before? Have you hit a dead-end and wonder what the next move is? Have you, like most, tried the some approaches over and over again, with no new results?…Well, the solution to your problems is probably not an ‘operational’ one (doing things harder). It might be a strategic issue (doing things smarter).

I have identified 3 growth strategies that will help eliminate unproductive results. These strategies suggest new approaches in how we learn and develop processes to achieve success.

1) MISTAKES: We all learn from mistakes, whether intentionally or not. This presupposes we develop a keen reflective mind to evaluate our mistakes & to grow from them. Some people don’t have that awareness, and keep repeating the same mistakes again. As a strategy, we can keep a record of the lessons learnt through each negative experience. They become the gems of wisdom that informs our future undertakings. We develop principles and sharpen our observational acuity when making decisions in future. Learning from our mistakes is the most basic growth model. It is the school-of-hard-knocks, and a gift that make us better people. In fact, the more mistakes we make in life, the wiser we become, that is, through rigorous reflection.

2) MODELLING: This 2nd strategy actually moves beyond one’s current faculties, and begins searching for external resources for new ways of doing things. There is an incredible acceleration when one replicates effective patterns & strategies from successful people. Of course we need to model from the best among us. No use studying & duplicating a failed model. I’ve realised this strategy shortens our learning curve. This is because we don’t end up reinventing the wheel, but stand on the ‘shoulders of giants’. So to discover new solutions, look outward for examples of how others solve their problems, and borrow their ideas!

3) MENTORING: This 3rd strategy is often discussed & idealised, but seldom implemented. I think it’s because we don’t generally like people telling us our flaws & blindspots. Having a mentor means allowing someone to speak into your life, correcting you, confronting your issues, and teaching you. And in order for that to happen we have to humble ourselves and become teachable. Yet, this strategy produces the greatest yield in terms of positive results. Because nothing beats a personal coach who can guide & support you. It saves time & resources by reducing trial & error.

So, remember, the next time you feel stuck, do not just blindly re-try or re-do…Restrategize! And see new results come into your life!


On a different note, since it’s STAR WARS DAY, I do want to get rid of some of my SW collector items, starting with this awesome vintage Bradley Quartz watch featuring C3PO & R2D2! It’s a working digital unit with nice leather straps from the 80s. Make me an offer I can’t refuse and it shall be yours!…

ImageStarting Bid: S$30


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