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June 30, 2013 / glennlim thots

How can we learn to Sell from Frebreze?

ImageFebreze started out with marketing problems and sold poorly in 1993. It fact it did so badly for the next 5yrs that a meeting was called at P&G headquarters to decide whether to shut down production or re-brand it.
A brand analysis was called and the problem investigated. They discovered that Febreze’s original marketing position and product message was to ‘clear bad smells in homes’. However, the analysis reported that people living in smelly homes had gotten used to the smell, and there was no need for an odor-eliminating product.
However, P&G stumbled onto a housewife in one of their surveys, who happened to be an ardent fan of the product. Her usage of Febreze caught the attention of the researchers. She would use Febreze as a finishing touch after all her household chores were done, “to make everything smell good”.
Drake Stimson, the team leader, latched onto the idea of re-positioning Febreze as a product for finishing every housewife’s cleaning routine instead of it’s original intended use – eliminating smells. P&G added a touch of perfume and re-launched it in 1998 with a new advertising campaign as the perfect finishing touch. The campaign took off, and a $1 Billion per year product was born. Today it has become a mass retailer favorite!
This week, let’s remember to focus on selling by finding a place for our product in our customers’ habits…Glenn Lim

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