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July 6, 2013 / glennlim thots

4 Habits that will boost your Brain Power!


Let me share with you 4 ways to significantly boost energy & concentration to your brain. Just tweaking your lifestyle to accommodate these 4 habits will see a sharp improvement in the way you think! You will feel more positive, more creative, more confident, more alert, and ultimately more ‘centered’ in the way you carry yourself!…Try it today!


When I say exercise I don’t mean a rigorous 2 hour routine. I mean short spurts of cardio workout of not more than 15 – 20mins. These exercises can range from jogging, brisk walking, stair-climbing, dancing etc. Remember, the objective is achieved when you begin sweating. That’s right! Once you start sweating, you are effectively removing toxins & negative ions from your body (through the sweat). It is also a sign that your initial release of dopamine & other ‘feel good’ hormones has begun. Experience a change in your emotional & psychological state after an exercise!


I cannot emphasise how needful this is. Our body craves to be hydrated every minute, especially in our tropical climate. H2O is essential in moistening  the air-sacs in your lungs, which your blood cells will then carry more oxygen into your brain, boosting alertness. Drinking water is likened to ‘waking up’ your brain. Remember to take in at least 8 – 10 full glasses of water a day. Also, start making it a habit to replace your caffeinated or carbonated drinks with plain pure water today, and see the difference!


Our oxygen intake is directly impacted by the way we breathe. Oxygen is vital for major organ functioning, including your brain. In today’s fast paced world, we often forget to breathe right. Instead, our breaths are short and irregular, which affects oxygen uptake. Whenever we feel fatigue or drowsy & sleepy (in normal wakeful moments), it is a sign that we have low oxygen count going through our body & brains. So pause what you’re doing, sit in an upright position, close your eyes, and start taking in slow deep breaths for about 5mins. You will feel refreshed and energised almost immediately!


Research has consistently reported the benefits of sleep, and more importantly, the dangers of sleep-deprivation. Repair & rejuvenation occurs at no other time except and ONLY during sleep! This is when brain cells are replenished, neurotransmitters are wired, and different operational components of our brains are resting. So you can imagine when one goes without (or little) sleep for some time. Performance & output will be affected. We need at least 7.5 to 8hrs sleep a day. So if you’ve been compromising on your sleep, make some adjustments quickly and get your full dose of rest now! If you have problems sleeping, well, start changing your habits like slowing down activities by 9pm; refrain from supper; learn to relax etc. Get your much-needed sleep today, and you will experience a new you!


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