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July 12, 2013 / glennlim thots

How to Maximize Opportunities…


“In the spring of 1999, David Phillips came across an advertisement posted by the Healthy Choice food company, which was offering consumers 500 air miles for every UPC barcode from one of its products sent in to the company by the end of the year. Moreover, the company also undertook to double the number of miles if its were received before 21st May.

Phillips, who was looking for an inexpensive way to take his family on a trip to Europe, saw the offer as an opportunity. A quick look through grocery stores revealed that the company’s cheapest product was a chocolate pudding. Phillips went out to buy up every one of the company’s chocolate puddings he could find. He ended up with more than 12,500 cups of pudding! With just two weeks to the deadline, Phillips was left with the laborious task of peeling off the lids on which they were printed. He and his family went to work on their own for a short time, but it was slow going.

Phillips came up with a creative idea: He donated the puddings to the Salvation Army, where volunteers peeled off the lids with the barcodes, and then returned them to him. The Salvation Army, in return, received the puddings. When all was done, Phillips had earned more than 1.2 million air miles. With an investment of around $3400, he received enough miles to take his family on 31 round trips from their home to Europe.”

– Source from John C. Maxwell

 Lessons for the day:

1) Opportunities usually come in obscure and insignificant packages. They are never announced. It requires a certain ‘eye’ to spot out gaps, inconsistencies, and possibilities.

2) We can turn obstacles into opportunities, and further maximize them into profitable outcomes. ‘Stuckness’ is part and parcel of initial opportunity-venture. Instead of seeing them as hindrances, reframe these challenges into new opportunities for new developments and breakthroughs.

This week, let’s go create and maximize our opportunities out there!…Glenn Lim


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