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December 7, 2013 / glennlim thots


Impact Speaking - HEADER

IMPACT SPEAKING is a 2-Session, 6-Hour training program that will equip you with tools, skills and strategies to create a high impact presentation. You will learn how to plan and develop your speech employing proven speech models used by effective speakers. You will pick up tips on body language, eye contact, gestures, postures, pacing, voice projection and much more! The workshop incorporates teaching, discussions, role-play and activities to help participants develop themselves into effective public speakers!

  • Understand & utilise key principles of effective speaking
  • Apply different presentation models & frameworks in planning a speech
  • Use effective voice techniques & body language to enhance speech delivery
  • Overcome stage fear & demonstrate confidence when delivering a speech
  • Design & develop an impactful speech for formal / informal presentations PSS CHC

IS 210


CLICK HERE for upcoming course dates & register online NOW!
  • Develop self-confidence to speak to any audience
  • Learn speech frameworks, structures and models
  • Identify your learning and communication styles
  • Pick up strategies for speaking with your body
  • Practice speaking in a learning environment

zIS 1

You can be a better speaker today!!!

CLICK HERE for upcoming course dates & register online NOW!


Lead Course TrainerYiFeng

KHOO YI FENG is an active and passionate public speaker. His twin interests in psychology and public speaking have enabled him to intuitively translate theories into his training. Known to be energetic and inspiring in his delivery, Yi Feng adopts a people-centered approach and strives to set his trainees up to win. He has not only facilitated at national level forums and dialogues, but also engaged students at assembly talks and conducted training workshops for various parties.


Supervising Trainer / Curriculum Developer

Glenn Bio Pic 1

GLENN LIM is an itinerant speaker, adjunct lecturer and master trainer. A well sought after keynote speaker at many local and regional conferences, his training sessions are known to be dynamic, engaging and inspiring. He has trained at many settings conducting workshops for government agencies, trainers, corporate leaders, parents and educators.


Course Value: $290

Special Rate: $190/ per pax

CLICK HERE for upcoming course dates & register online NOW!


*If you’re a business owner / employee, you are entitled to claim for PIC grant, at least 60% funding from the Govt (or up to 160% under PIC Bonus)!!!
Please check your eligibility for PIC here – IRAS PIC
or here – FAQs on PIC
For further enquiries, you may email us at:
Or call us: 9632-7563 (Sarah Lim)

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