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February 11, 2014 / glennlim thots

Power Seminar “RE-WIRE YOUR BRAIN!” (8 Mar 2014)

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Learn to unlock your mind’s dormant potential, reprogram faulty thinking patterns, and install powerful systems to drive desired results! Learn NLP techniques & brain-training strategies to create breakthrough solutions! Understand and utilise your preferred submodalities and subconscious inner-maps, deal with shadow beliefs, effective ego-state regulation and more!

…Afterall, your life success depends largely on how you wire your brain!

At this seminar, you will learn to:

  • ‘Feed’ your brain to keep it alert & functioning at peak-state!
  • Understand the realm of your subconscious and how they govern your attitudes & behaviors
  • Identify & address your unconstructive ‘shadow beliefs’ that sabotage your rationale mind
  • Understand concepts & usages of basic practical NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Use ‘anchoring’ & ‘stacking’ techniques to trigger immediate confidence, focus & motivation
  • Regulate & master your negative emotional-state using NLP techniques






  • Professionals, Managers or Executives who desire to discover their mind’s innate power, and better their performance at work.
  • Leaders or Thinkers who want to tap into their mind’s resources.and leverage on their critical thinking capacities.
  • Students who want to harness their mind’s learning potential for desired results.
  • Individuals who desire to break unhealthy thinking patterns, and lead more positive and productive lives.
  • Clients who may be stuck and want to break their debilitating cycle of negativity, deal with their past hurts, and learn how to regulate and master their emotional states.

 This seminar is for participants aged 16 yrs and above only!




“The MIND is the chief source that directs the course of one’s life…

In it resides the richest resources to fulfil any dream it dares to envision…

It is also the chief culprit for debilitating those dreams…

…That’s why we always start with the MIND.”

– Glenn Lim (Wellness Conference 2011)


Behavioural Psychologist, Master Trainer & Principal Coach GLENN LIM will be leading this seminar. With over 10 years of work on human behaviour & development, Glenn will share tips & tools on personal improvement & excellence.

Glenn’s seminars have always been insightful, dynamic & engaging. And his training will incorporate interactive activities, demonstrations, and inspiring presentations. Join countless other participants who have benefitted from Power Mastery’s seminars and change your life today! You don’t want to miss this!!!…

Seminar 2


8 March (Sat)

9:30am – 12:30pm (refreshments provided)

Value: $320 / participant

Register by 1 Mar 2014 and pay only $20 (Admin Cost)!!!



Brain seminar (8 Mar) Poster


Enquiries please email or call 9632-7563

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  1. Andrew lee / Feb 11 2014 10:24 pm

    I have a query . The course fee is only $20 ? If so I would like to register

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