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April 15, 2014 / glennlim thots


Mother’s have the world’s toughest jobs!…Period!!!

This particular video so powerfully impacted its original viewers that it has now made it to the top ranks in just 24hrs since it’s upload (14th April 2014)!

BACKGROUND: A fake online job ad listing for the position of ‘Director of Operations’ had only 24 applicants out of over 2 million views. The online webcam interviews were captured real-time, and the end expose is priceless! This is nothing short of awesome advertising!

This video’s impact lies largely in its ability to reframe (or pre-frame) our subconscious perceptual positioning, leaving us totally exposed when the real intended message is revealed. The internalisation & self-introspection becomes deeper, and more authentic…


My own reflection of gratitude for my mother has been greatly enriched.

Mothers’ lives revolve round serving others…

There’s no ‘I‘ in Mother; only ‘OTHER‘ – the selfless, sacrificial giving to others…

And their greatest joy & reward would be Appreciation from their children.

This Mother’s Day, remember to appreciate our moms!









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