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May 9, 2014 / glennlim thots

Your Success “TRI-FACTOR” (with free video lesson)


Here’s something I’ve been teaching a while.

I’ve been studying human potential for the last 8 years, and realise only 1 in 10 people are truly working out their dreams/goals in the right direction. These are the ones who use principles & strategies related to the SUCCESS “TRI-FACTOR”. Read on…




The TRI-FACTOR model helps us distinguish the 3 main domains needed to achieve your ‘success’. They are represented as the 3Ps, and are individually explained here:



Passion is not just doing what u love, but loving what u do. It’s a life mission, a ‘calling’.

In his book ‘Linchpin’, Seth Godin describes a passionate person as someone who does emotional work. He invests time & energy into his work because he’s deeply connected to it at a personal level. This is what makes his work valuable, and makes him indispensible in any organisation – A Linchpin.

Eg) When a chef cooks with passion, you can taste the difference in his food. The dish is more well presented, and probably more flavourful! When a singer sings with passion, his songs have more soul! When a teacher is passionate, his classes are never boring! You can feel the energy oozing from him!

I personally learnt this the hard way. I never thought passion mattered, and expected money to be my main motivator when looking for a job. Needless to say, I burnt-out real quick because there was nothing else to look forward to at work, except completing my tasks as quickly as possible so I could get to my more ‘important’ aspects of life. My work was shoddy and I didn’t care. I didn’t feel good about myself. And money, my supposed motivator, became an entity I grew to despise. I felt like a slave…Today I place passion first & foremost in every venture I pursue. Because I know that when I do something I enjoy, I automatically create value. And value will always somehow draw in money. What am I passionate about? – Influencing People. I ask myself before I commit to projects, does this work allow my ideas to be multiplied so that my reach is expanded? This is what I look for whenever there are new opportunities for me.

So if you feel you’re just dragging your feet to work, going through motions, or just waiting to collect your paycheck, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate this career domain of yours. Afterall, ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without Passion’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson.


This refers to what u can do well with your talent, skill or experience. I call this your X-Factor. Because this is an aspect of you that others cannot do. It is your area of niche expertise and specialty. It is also known as your UVP – Unique Value Proposition.

Where or how do you find your proficiency? Here’s a 2-fold strategy: Discover your gift. And then Develop your gift. We all have certain talents and gifts. I’ve learnt to spend considerable investment in uncovering my own strengths and talents. If you’ve got a mentor, then you’ve got a headstart. But even if you don’t, let your natural abilities and interests guide you into self-discovery. Model after successful practitioners. And be open to receive feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. Once you discover your gifts, laser-point all your resources & time towards developing it. The more you invest in building your strength, the more competent you become. Soon, you will distinguish yourself as the expert in your own field.

Eg) I had a client who loves her job as an insurance agent, because she likes meeting new people. Only problem was, she wasn’t closing sales. She regularly attends sales trainings where she was taught to be more direct & aggressive in order to close deals. But these traits go against her personality! She’s more the soft-spoken, people-type. She connects well with people. I helped her recognise these as her strength. But she had always saw it as her weakness that prevented her from closing sales. By helping her to first recognise that it was something constructive, she was able to leverage & develop it proficiently. Today she is a top sales agent known for her authentic, genuine care for people. Her clients all trust her enough to let her to handle their policies, and have become long-term friends. And she’s known to be an outstanding and proficient agent!

Proficiency could also refer to your personal experiences of life, unique only to you. People are drawn to stories, especially if they are authentic & motivational. If you had overcome any difficulty or challenges before, that becomes an inspirational story that is solely ‘owned’ by you. You could take advantage of it & turn it into a valuable market commodity. You could blog & monitor its value on social media, or even write & publish a book on it!

For me, my gift is Imparting Knowledge. I can speak, teach & train well, and with substance too. I know I’m a good coach too. I actually realised my gifts quite early on, but utilised it in negative ways like leading gangs etc. Additionally, I was always chided by my parents and teachers because of this negative ‘gift’. So I left it aside, until much later on in life.

I also have a personal story of overcoming life setbacks. I’ve turned that into my personal testimony & life lesson, and weaved it into my teachings. My clients have all aluded to the inspirational value it adds to my training content.

Discover your strengths today and build it into your competitive edge!



This refers to what people are willing to pay you (enough) for what you do. It is also your Marketability. While it has direct reference to making money (and profits is a measure of success), it is more than that. It also refers to how you create long-term sustainability, so that your offering keeps growing and expanding.

If you truly believe what you have is valuable, then what you offer must be for the long-term, not ad-hoc. It is your responsibility to create more opportunities that allow more people to be reached. How would you build sustainable, scalable structures, so that you can go on creating even more value for others. This may mean looking out for, or creating Market Demand.

I know of passionate people who had real value and proficiency in what they did, but refused to think of long-term strategies. Guess what? Because they had no sustainable income, within a few mths of struggling, their passions died along with their products.

Eg) I had another client who was both talented & passionate in fine arts. He often had requests for ad-hoc charity auctions & community exhibitions. But there was no real sustainable income & he was on the verge of giving it all up to work in a 9-5 job. I had the privilege of being asked to coach him to create a viable platform for his work, so that he could transact real business contracts. Today, through that entity, he is regularly getting commissioned work, as well as running an arts school where he conducts master-classes for students. It has become so profitable, that he has 3 hired staff and is pursuing a side-interest of his!

To create profitability, you first need the ambition to create goals and targets, the creativity to find opportunities when there seem to be none, the ability to leverage on collaboration, the resilience to overcome setbacks…

For my own work, this domain is marked by Innovative Platforms in the people-development sector. With every new idea or venture, I must first make sure I can incubate it and build my resource-hedge around it. This demands creative thinking skills, looking for gaps and loop-holes in the market to leverage, taking advantage of market demand, and rallying talented people who can do the job for me.

To be profitable, start humbling yourself, seek for people who have the business know-how, build your network so more people get to hear about your work, and partner with some of them to build your business platform.


If you are interested to be coached by me, please email me at

Here’s a mini video-lesson I did on the Success “TRI-FACTOR”.





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