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August 30, 2014 / glennlim thots

Street Salesmanship!

This is one sharp-witted salesman who is playing all his cards right! The way he skillfully delivers his sales-talk is smooth, slick and suave. Of course Kenny Brooks is now a youtube sensation. And there’s a few tricks he uses (you can cross-reference these over a few clips) which are hallmarks of every charismatic sales-person:


  1. Info-saturation leading to sensory overload (using well-rehearsed sales script filled with anecdotes, one-liners, references etc)
  2. ‘Artful Vagueness’ (using the Meta Model) to keep info creatively abstract & agreeable
  3. Infusing humour (using clever play of sharp wit and allusions: references to celebrity quotes etc)
  4. Rapport skills (using physical contact ‘Hi-Fives’ etc)
  5. ‘Double-binding’ technique (using rhethorical questions like “what would u use this detergent to clean first?”)
  6. Creating familiarity / sense of ownership (placing product in hands of prospect to make him feel comfortable with it)
  7. Paying compliments (“Why are you so kind?” / Do you teach? ‘cos u got class!…”)
  8. Creating positive buying experience (convincing prospect they are contributing to a good cause “Wouldn’t u like to see me on TV / Billboard one day & know that u had a part to play in that?” / “Do it from your heart, not from your pocket”)


Take a look at these clips. They should be required studying for any aspiring salesman!





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