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October 19, 2014 / glennlim thots

‘Disrupt’ your Routine to build Mental Flexibility!


If your life is routinely monotonous, u may be headed for creativity-fatigue & losing your neuro-acuity. Our brains gradually become what Carol Dweck (“The Psychology of Success”) calls inflexible, rigid, and ‘fixed’. Like an unused muscle that cannot grow, it withers away in atrophy. This goes against the growth-mindset model which propounds the constant development of our minds.

You might be asking, isn’t developmental growth built on constant practice and application? After all, practice makes permanent right? Ironically, while mastery can be achieved by repetition, it also sends our brains into lull-mode. The original challenge & novelty wanes, and our conscious state is dulled. We become ‘comfortable’ with the new behaviour, and it relegates into our unconsciousness. We get into the oft-quoted term – ‘comfortably numb’.

z brain 1

So how do we prevent this dullness?

That’s where Disruptive Theory comes in…

In DT, we make it a point to induce inspiration by creating timed ‘disruptions’ into our liz brainves. By that I do not mean we succumb our lives to random or spontaneous activity. Remember, these disruptions are NOT distractions. On the contrary, they are highly intentional, disciplined, and purposefully executed.

According to DT, the ONLY way of developing innovation and creativity is to literally push your brain out of its ‘comfort zone’. This triggers your subconscious mind into a fight-flight response state. And since this is a primitive whole-body experience, your whole being gets jolted into an alert, problem-solving and solution-finding state-of-mind. Your brain is woken and forced out of dullness into new uncharted terrain, and becomes ‘alive’ again! In Peak Performance theories, this is akin to setting ourselves up in the Eustress zone (see diagram) of the performance curve. Bio-chemically, we are stimulating our endocrine system to produce adrenaline, which is necessary for performing tasks at peak levels.


So, what kind of disruptions do we create for ourselves?

One ingenious way is to start a Disruption-Dairy. Ask yourself each day, “What is something I can do today for the first time?”. It could be as simple as taking a different route home after work, or making conversation with someone new, giving up a seat, clearing litter, or some random-act-of-kindness. You could also ask yourself when resolving a problem, “What new ways of thinking can I adopt?”; or “What new perspectives can I view this from?”. Whatever it is, it must break your usual pattern and routine of doing things. You have to plan it, do it, and record it in your dairy.

If you can’t do it on a daily basis, well, make it weekly…

z brain 2

Over time, this brain-gym exercise will store your new behaviours in your ‘memory bank’, retrievable during similar type experiences. It builds your arsenal of problem-solving strategies, develops mental-acuity, accelerates innovative & creative thinking skills!

This is one DT strategy I use with all my clients and participants. There are others too, but we all have to start somewhere. And this is the simplest of them all. The immediate benefits reported by my clients is the clarity and sharpness by which they can now engage in a particular challenge. Unlike in the past when they felt ‘stuck’ and defeated, now solutions seemed to be free-flowing when engaging their problems!


The above article is an excerpt from my MBP (Mindset Breakthrough Program) training material. MBP was designed to purposefully and safely guide participants through the threshold of ‘discomfort’, by helping them confront their fears, past emotional blockages, and debilitating beliefs. The end product is not just a freedom from past negative scripts, but a new identity ready to embrace success and empowering experiences!

If you are keen to find out how you too can experience your own breakthrough and success, visit by CLICKING this page MINDSET BREAKTHROUGH and register for a FREE preview workshop today!

Glenn Lim


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