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November 16, 2014 / glennlim thots

What Is Your Pathway of Life?

Here’s a quick assessment of your personal ‘Pathway’ preference, which describes the general direction you will take in life.


Look at the scenery beyond each of the doorways of the below 6 images. Select the one that most appeals to you. Then scroll to read the meaning of your selected image.


1) The FREEDOM Pathway – Freedom is important to you. You prefer space and pace to pursue your own interests. You dislike being confined or constrained by regulation or limits. You are independent, and want to craft a life on your own terms and terms. You fight for your right to make your own decisions, and may be seen as stubborn or rebellious, even though you do not like confrontation.

2) The PRIVATE Pathway – You prefer to travel alone. You are often deep in personal thought or reflection, and harbour a private part in your life that few know of. You perceive the world with unique insight and revelation. You may be socially receptive and engaged, and have great relationships. But you are a natural introvert who needs to retreat and have your personal time alone too.

3) The VIBRANT Pathway – You like colour, excitement, and engagement. You prefer to be immersed in the here-and-now, and experience life as it comes. The journey is more important than the destination. You enjoy the beauty, variety, and spice of life. People are important to you and you surround yourself with family and friends. You bask in the love, laughter, and companionship of those around you.

4) The EXCITING Pathway – The unfamiliar and unpredictable excites you. You are constantly on the move forward, exploring, experimenting. Your appetite for the unknown is insatiable. You’re a thrill-seeker, risk-taker, and also trail-blazer in some ways. All this risky business may set you back with some impulsive and careless decisions. But being so spontaneous and unconventional allows you to live life to the maximum.

5) The PEACEFUL Pathway – Tranquility and your preferred pace and purpose of life. You seek out stability, peace, and comfort. You dislike interruptions or unplanned events. You much rather choose the simple and easiest route when given a choice. You seek out environments that are familiar, consistent, and serene. This is also what makes you a stabilising force to those around you. You are contented with your lot in life, and you are down-to-earth and real.

6) The QUIET Pathway – Solitude is your best friend. You  can spend alone-time without feeling lonely or left out. You work and think best in stillness and quietness. You dislike crowds or loud chatter, choosing rather to be selective with certain close relationships. You prefer conversations to be deep, meaningful and authentic. You live life with a sense of purpose, and are very intentional in your decisions and interactions.


The above assessment is supported by evidence-based psychological literature, as posited by the following:

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