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December 19, 2014 / glennlim thots

The Power of Anticipation

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been…I get a feeling about where a teammate is going to be. A lot of times, I can turn and pass without even looking…” – Wayne Gretzky, professional ice-hockey player

Power of Anticipation

What sets successful people apart is their gift of foresight. They are better at ‘anticipating’ future scenarios, and thus make current decisions that give them a favourable edge towards their outcomes.

For example, a good businessman can ‘recognize’ upcoming trends and hence takes early action. A great doctor can ‘anticipate’ the problem from the early symptoms and prescribe a correct cure. A visionary leader can ‘see’ upcoming events and thus directs more accurately…

No matter how great a driver you are, you’re bound to get into an accident if you fail to heed the anticipatory warning signs/lights of road-works ahead of you!


So Anticipation is a vital skill in anyone’s tool-kit…

The skill of ‘anticipation’ can be developed with practice, as is the case with any skill. To anticipate better, you have to repeatedly put yourself in that situation. The more you experience the same situation, the better you see it coming. You are thus able to analyse more accurately, decide clearly, and act early!

This week, work on anticipating better, and adjust your sails today to align to your future desired outcomes!

“What we anticipate seldom occurs; but what we least expect generally happens.” – Benjamin Disraeli





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