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January 6, 2015 / glennlim thots

Psychological Test…

Pscyh Test

Here’s a cool psychological test!

Follow the mathematical instructions as quickly as possible. Make sure you complete each calculation first before solving the next. Do not use a calculator, do not use writing material, do not skip, and you don’t need to remember any of the answers. Just calculate each one mentally, and move on…


13 + 6 =
4 + 55 =
87 + 2 =
12 + 52 =
75 + 26 = 
25 + 52 =
63 + 32 = 
…calculations are tough! but you’re almost there!
this is the final one…
123 + 5
QUICK!…Think about a Colour, and Tool
Got it?…OK, Wait a little while…
Now scroll down for the answer…
Further down…
Just a little bit more…
Was it?…

Red Hammer

Was your answer a RED HAMMER?

If you answered correctly for either half of the above answer (ie: either RED for the colour, or HAMMER for the tool), you belong to the 99% of people with the same answer!


If you answered something else other than RED or HAMMER, you’re a rare breed of innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers!

Let me know if you want to find out the meaning behind what you chose???…

Below are some analytics to some of your choices…



  • If you chose YELLOW – you are bright, cheery, in a happy mood, and probably allowed that to influence your choice during this test.
  • If you chose BLUE – you were pensive, contemplative, probably in a thinking / reflective mood just before doing this test.
  • If you chose GREEN – you were in a stimulated, creative mood, maybe u just got off a discussion or brain-storming session before doing this test.


  • If you chose SCREWDRIVER, SPANNER (or any ‘turning’ tool) – you were probably a lil uptight, confused, or under slight duress during the time of the test.
  • If you chose CLIPPERS, SCISSORS, CUTTERS (or any cutting tool) – you are / were in a pragmatic ‘mood’, wanting to get things done in a practical or efficient manner.
  • If you chose a MECHANICAL TOOL (drill, chainsaw, machine-based or mechanized tool etc) – you are a utilitarian who likes to employ technology or devices to advance your ideas or work.

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