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January 16, 2015 / glennlim thots

NINJA Bamboo Training!

glenn lim article

Here’s a great lesson for every ordinary individual…

Japanese Ninjas are known for, among other things, their legendary skills for jumping. The Ninja warriors seemed to possess such astounding physical abilities that they are fabled as ‘flying ninjas’. The secret to their super-human ability is their unique training regime.

Training of a Ninja commences at an early age. These young disciples are first taught to plant and grow a personal bamboo shoot. Every day, the little boy has to jump over the little bamboo sapling. glenn articleOver the months and years, the bamboo shoot grows, and for most they grow fast. The boy is pushed to jump a little higher every day. By the time he is an adult, he seems to possess the magical power to just ‘fly-over’ high obstacles!…And it’s all attributed to his years of jumping over bamboo, daily!


We, too, can push the bar a little higher everyday in areas we wish to master! And be our very own Ninja Warrior!…Glenn Lim


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