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June 12, 2015 / glennlim thots


Recently I’ve been ‘bumping’ into lots of old acquaintances & friends. These are people who have not seen me for at least 6 – 7 years. And most of their initial reactions can be summed up with the below hilarious pic…!


Sure, my friends recognised me in person. It’s not like I aged that much! But for those whom I had the time to chat for a while, most noticed a difference in my outlook & attitude, in the way I shared my convictions & aspirations. They saw the evidence in my life (some of them actually follow me on social media). And they all pointed out this quality of ‘change’.

This really affirmed my own definition of ‘Transformation’. Especially since I teach it all the time…

Success guru Jim Rohn once said “Real transformation begins from the inside out”. A true test of change is in the way someone expresses changed beliefs / values from his inner core, that is evidenced in his outward behaviour. Yes, real transformation cannot be just discussed. It must be demonstrated.

That’s why its easy to talk about change if it was merely an activity of the mind. But real transformation requires tangible proof. And more often than not, those initial steps of change involve unpleasant experiences – a breaking down of the old nature & habits.

Transformation Glenn Lim

This is explicitly taught in Transformative Strategies and Leadership. No butterfly emerges out of a vacuum state. A butterfly is a new entity which ‘died’ to its old ‘identity’ of a caterpillar. And in its cocoon, the dying process is called Metamorphosis. If one wants to embrace a new destiny, one has to give up the old ways of being.

I contemplate my past 7-8 yrs with fondness every time someone remarks my ‘change’. There were no major events that I could recall. It’s not as if I underwent a drastic overhaul or makeover. What I realised was that I simply ‘died’ to little bits of the old me one day at a time. The old unconstructive ways of thinking, the old habits that kept me from reaching my goals, the unwillingness to accept change, the unwillingness to forgive & let go of my past…Some were painful decisions I had to take, many were inconvenient lifestyle choices I had to make.

Transformation Glenn Lim

And in this grand evolutionary process of ‘dying’, I emerge a new ‘ME’ every morning!…

So the next time someone says “You’ve changed!”, take it as a compliment that you are a better person today than you were yesterday! Happy Transformation!….Glenn Lim


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