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October 29, 2015 / glennlim thots


Past Present Future

Negative past events can impact you in the present & your future. But the good news is that even though your history cannot be altered, you are able to make ‘peace’ with it, and disallow it from hampering you. Doing so has the power to dramatically re-destine your future by helping you ‘attract’ the positive results u yearn for.

Firstly, u must recognize moments when u are emotionally triggered or have strong reactions toward certain events. Then, traveling back in your mind to when u first had similar feelings, will help u identify where healing is required.

Here is a story about ‘William’ whom we might identify with (Real identity is not used for confidentiality reasons):

Mindset Breakthrough

William is 39 yrs old. He gets upset & frustrated whenever he does not do things ‘perfectly’. This sense of ‘perfectionism’ has been going on for years. His attempt to do everything meticulously causes him to feel stressed, and is taking a real toll on his life. At the same time, people found being with William taxing. It takes him a long time to complete tasks or respond to simple requests etc. His friends, colleagues and family were always waiting for him. Whether William failed to uphold his status as a perfect event organiser (he works in an event company), or could not understand a certain set of instructions at a payment counter,he would inwardly chastise himself.

He had all the classic symptoms of an unhealthy Early Command called “Don’t Be A Child” (refer to my program Mindset Breakthrough for more info on early commands etc that still operate in your adult life)

When he learnt that his need to do everything perfectly and follow rules exactly might be due to past experiences that are damaging his life now, he began to embrace the idea of making peace with his past. And to set himself up for a new change…

This required him to garner his courage to confront his fears. Because his past experience/s had taught him to be fearful of not being perfect. And he compensated it with burdening himself with a weight of responsibility, to be in control of every detail & process. All these at the expense of being able to relax or chill out. He was unable to be a ‘Carefree Child’.

Thus, he needed to address his inner ‘Child’. To give his ‘Child’ permission to make the mistakes he needed to, in order to learn & grow from them. And also to free himself from this weight of responsibility to be perfect.

This had  been his downfall. He had been sabotaging his life and those he loved because of this early childhood command. It has affected his belief and value systems, emotional reactions (hijacks) to situations that triggered him etc. Essentially, if he wanted to change his life, he had to reprogram his negative command/s. And it resided in his deepest layer of his subconscious mind (see below Iceberg diagram).

Mindset Breakthrough

There were 2 things that William did to dislodge himself from the hold of his negative command:

  1. Re-Scripting of the critical chastisement that he often recalled his father use: “You can’t do anything well!”, “Surely you can do better than this?!” It is important to break the power of these words over him, because they fuel the command “Don’t Be A Child”. William could over-ride those past experiences with more positive scripts like “It’s ok to not be perfect” or “You are still loved even though you made a mistake”. This caused an incongruency against his negative command, and difficult for his subconscious mind to interpret and accept any longer.
  2. Power-Centering is a psycho-tool which installs his newly written scripts into his psyche through total-immersive programming.  For new commands to take root in our subconscious, emotions must be activated. And this can be done by utilising your VAK representational systems, while verbally articulating your commands. Preferably this is done in an isolation (I personally love doing this in my morning alone-time at the beach). It helps that William gets into emotional ‘flooding’ mode too, where he ‘overwhelms’ himself to the point of frustrated release. When William does this on an initial regular basis (about 2 weeks), he is grounding & centering his emotional state against external ‘voices’ that continue to remind him of his past. Essentially, William is getting stronger by building his inner core, and his new scripts help enforce his emotional ‘force-field’ against triggers.

The above 2 strategies are taught at MB (Mindset Breakthrough), a powerful program that helps clients restructure the psychological architecture of their minds.

MB Logo 1

Like William, you too can transform your fears & blockages by healing the past, and uprooting your negative commands for good! Doing so will alter your mind’s energetic frequency / signals that you send out to the world, and attract the desired results of happiness, true freedom, health, wealth and success into your life today!

Glenn Lim Singapore


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